Learning To Cook And Raising A Family
Let's have those pies

Sheila Frey, who farms with her husband northeast of Mobridge, has pies on her mind. She not only has her fingers in lots of pies with all her activities; she has her mind on pies for the coming Hospital Bazaar on Nov. 2.

"Those of us who work bring a lot of pies and other items for the Snack Shoppe, the lunch area on the stage," she says. "But last year we ran out and could have sold much more. People are good about bringing us pies -- we had 30 one time -- but we could use many more."

As chairman of the Snack Shoppe for the past six or seven years, Sheila speaks from experience.

Photo by Jo Hall
She grew up on a farm near Raymond, located between Clark and Doland, with one brother and learned to cook as a girl. "I grew up with lutefisk, kringle, and all those dishes." Her mother taught school and attended summer school at Northern State College, which left Sheila to early assume cooking chores, which she liked.

"I used to watch mom cut up cabbage, chickens, and thought that anything she did I could do. So when I was going to cook a chicken on my own, I confidently cut off the wings, the legs, and then I was stumped. I didn't know how to cut up the rest -- I finally put the knife on the chicken and hit it with a hammer. We had fried chicken chunks -- I guess that was my first major cooking mess."

While in 4-H and in about the seventh grade, she went to state with her apple pie and took seventh place. She hadn't practiced making her pie for weeks as had nearly all the other 4-H'ers, and the judges couldn't believe she had just "whipped it up." "I cooked most of the time so why practice?" she thought.

She came to Northwestern Lutheran Academy in Mobridge for high school, then to South Dakota State University in Brookings for her home economics degree. She had met Roger Frey while a student in Mobridge, but it wasn't until they were in college that she talked to him when she needed help with one of her classes.

They were married in 1974 when they were out of college. For a time she taught home economics in Glenham and then quit to stay home and raise their family.

Son Brent is now in his second year at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln studying business. Jeff is a senior at (Mobridge High School and loves sports, especially football. Greg is a sophomore at MHS and favors basketball. Both are good workers on the farm.

Keeping Sheila on the run are the Bridge City Concert Association, Extension Board, Hospital Auxiliary, Senior Moms (feeding that hungry team and following their sports), mission boards and her church work. When she can, she sneaks in time to quilt or read.

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